Top 5 Best Movie Remakes of All Time

Jeremiah Washington, Reporter/Ad Manager

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1. The Karate Kid. Originally made in 1984, and was remade in 2010 with a slight change in plot where Dre (Jaden Smith) moves to China due to his mother’s work.

2.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This movie was originally made in 1971. The remake was made in 2005, where Charlie found a dollar in the snow, and bought three candies and ended up getting the last golden ticket.

3. Planet of the Apes. This movie was remade 2 other times. The original was made in 1968. The other movie remakes were made in 2001 and 2014.

4. Ghostbusters. First made in 1975 the original was made into two sequels. After a twenty-eight-year hiatus, the remake was made with female Ghostbusters instead of the males.

5. Beauty and the Beast. Originally made into a movie in 1991 and remade recently in 2017 with a big change being a more realistic approach.

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Top 5 Best Movie Remakes of All Time