Meet Ms. Salzman

Jamesha Mitter, Chief Photographer

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Do you know the Social Studies/Journey to Careers/Speech teacher Ms. Bridget Snyder-Salzman? 3.2 times out of 10 you don’t. Here are a few things about her.

Born on August 2. She was born and raised in LaPlace, Louisiana. She moved to Texas to work for the navy. There she had two children Joel, who is now 25 years old, and another son who is 22 named Michael. Then she moved to Wisconsin to settle down form the busy life to an extreme rural town. SO that means she has been away from the dirty south for over 20 years. The reason why she moved back to Louisiana was to spend more time with her family. Ms. Salzman has one older brother and sister and one younger brother.

Her favorite thing about teaching is watching the growth of her student in their education, and of course teaching. Her least favorite thing about teaching are working late nights, and working on the weekends.

Ms. Salzman’s life outside of school is doing things such as shopping at boutiques, not malls, gardening, and spending time with family. Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite food is fresh from the pot white beans with white rice, along with french fries. Her favorite season is fall. She told me that that her style is very simple, and that she likes sales.

Her opinion about JLO life is that she that the staff, and teachers are really nice.  Another thing that she likes about our school is that is a small school.

The places that Ms. Salzman sees herself in the years ahead is teaching toward retirement at JLO and comfortable with the curriculum. She also plans to retire at the age of 65. When she retires, she wants to catch up on time that she has missed with her sons and their families, parents, and siblings. Of course taking vacations.

Before coming to John L. Ory, Ms. Salzman taught the fourth grade for ten years in Texas. After she taught ten years in Texas teaching fourth graders. She moved to Wisconsin to be an office manager at a company.

One thing that Ms. Salzman can’t stand is being late for events such as school, weddings, parties; etc. Also she is obsessed with being organized.

The thing that Ms. Salzman misses about Wisconsin is the quietness not the hustle and bustle of the urban life. Also, the water, and the four seasons.

Now you know Ms. Bridget Ann Salzman.


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Meet Ms. Salzman