• Meet Ms. Salzman

    Meet Ms. Salzman

    Jamesha Mitter, Chief Photographer

    January 13, 2017

    Do you know the Social Studies/Journey to Careers/Speech teacher Ms. Bridget Snyder-Salzman? 3.2 times out of 10 you don’t. Here are a few things about her. Born on August 2. She was born and raised in LaPlace, Louisiana. She moved to Texas to work for the navy. There she had two children Joel,...

  • Homecoming and Spirit Week

    Homecoming and Spirit Week

    Jalynn Bennett, Editor in Cheif

    December 12, 2016

    JLO had their very first homecoming and spirit week this year. All week we had different things scheduled. Monday was Mixed Match Monday. Tuesday was Career Day, you get to dress up as what you want to be when you grow up. Wednesday was College Day, you were able to wear your favorite college shirt....

  • Jr. BETA District Day

    Jr. BETA District Day

    Adison Cooper, Chief Reporter

    December 8, 2016

    On Saturday November 12th, 2016, the John L. Ory Jr. BETA Club ventured off to R.K. Smith Middle School for BETA District Day!  The John L. Ory BETA Club consists of 53 members and 3 sponsors.   42 of the 53 members went on this trip along with two sponsors, Mrs.Bailey and Mrs.Bourgeois, and 1 chap...

    JLO Betas waited patiently to know the results of earlier competitions.

    Monica Brown

Meet Ms. Salzman
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  • Christal Sylvain, Ory Principal December 21, 2013
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The Eagle is Here to Listen
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  • NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament

    March  Madness... My favorite month of the year, besides July my birthday month. From the crazy buzzer beaters to the best teams playing each other f...

  • Believeland

    The best excitement a Cleveland fan has ever gotten since James being drafted to the NBA hoping for another chance at a championship. People had b...

  • College Football Rankings Week 4

    1.Alabama(3-0) 2.Ohio State (3-0) 3.Louisville(3-0) 4.Michigan(3-0) 5.Clemson(3-0) 6.Houston(3-0) 7.Stanford(2-0) 8.Michigan Stat...

  • College Football Rankings Week 3

      1.Alabama (2-0) 2.Flordia State (2-0) 3.Ohio State (2-0) 4.Michigan(2-0) 5.Clemson(2-0) 6.Houston(2-0) 7.Stanford (1-0) ...

  • College Football Rankings Week 15

    Alabama (13-0) Clemson (12-1) Ohio State (11-1) Washington (12-1) Penn State (11-2) Michigan (10-2) Oklahoma (10-2) Wiscons...

  • College Football Rankings Week 14

    Alabama (12-0) Ohio State (11-1) Clemson (11-1) Washington (11-1) Michigan (10-2) Wisconsin (10-2) Penn State (10-2) Colora...

  • College Football Rankings Week 13

    Alabama (11-0) Ohio State (10-1) Michigan (10-1) Clemson (10-1) Washington (10-1) Wisconsin (9-2) Penn State (9-2) Oklahoma...

  • College Football Rankings Week 12

    Alabama (10-0) Ohio State (9-1) Michigan (9-1) Clemson (9-1) Louisville (9-1) Washington (9-1) Wisconsin (8-2) Penn State (8-...

  • College Football Rankings Week 2

    1.Alabama (1-0) 2.Clemson (1-0) 3.Florida State(1-0) 4.Ohio State (1-0) 5.Michigan (1-0) 6.Houston (1-0) 7.Stanford (1-0) 8.Washi...

  • College Football Rankings Week 11

    Alabama (9-0) Clemson (9-0) Michigan (9-0) Washington (9-0) Ohio State (8-1) Louisville (8-1) Wisconsin (7-2) Texas A&M (...

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